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Data Collection

· Develop data collection plan

· Develop Geodatabase

· Prepare online data collection services

· Field data collection using smartphones, IPads, tablets

· Drone Surveys

· Handheld GPS devices

· Manage data collection activities

· Geocode data by street address, zip code, or other spatial references

· Identify and apply Open Data resources

· Integrate current and historical Census data


Web Services

· Create static and/or interactive web mapping applications

· Website hosting

· Create secure web based data collection applications


Data Analysis & Management

· Produce overlay maps

· Create visual statistical summaries (including maps, charts and graphs)

· Perform spatial analysis

· Proximity analysis (What’s nearby?)

· Density analysis (What’s inside?)

· Network analysis

· Minimum cost routes

· Service area analysis based on networks that constrict movements

· Spatial interpolation

· Create and/or update spatial databases (features and attributes)

· Develop and implement data QA/QC plans

· Archive data



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